Features & plants

  • Western Red Cedar hot tub.
  • 140mm hardwood decking matches interior.
  • Succulents in pots and urns.
  • Pittosporum 'Green Pillar'.
  • Liriope 'Evergreen Giant'.
  • Timber decking and courtyard

    Created in February 2006

    One of the main objectives of this rear courtyard was to create a sense of space in a tight area. The only access to this area was through the house, so we had to design the transition spaces carefully.

    The choice of material was important - we went with timber, which made the courtyard an extension of the interior floor, creating an 'outside room' and not just a garden deck. The deck was also left unstained, and will grey off naturally and beautifully with time.

    Down and feature lights highlight the screens and urn, while the hot tub is the icing on the cake, providing hours of relaxation and proving that 1970s style hot-tubbing might be back in vogue! Read more about this clever design here.